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With Adwit-express you can maximize your advertising campaigns with the click of a mouse. Simplify your life and increase your income. Whether you're a novice or a web whiz, it's easy to do. More info >> Adwit-express is the first advertising management solution to offer the complete In-Text solution, for new, high performance ads without overloading your site.
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Geotargeting lets you target advertisements by location (e.g. your location: United States () ), Frequency Capping limits the number of times a user sees a specific ad, resulting in increased ROI.
10390 Websites use Adwit-express throughout the world!
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"Ad" for advertising and "wit" for spirit. This new generation advertising solution for web publishers was developed over a decade. Adwit is already well known among French and North American web publishers who use Adwitserver as part of their ad contextualization solutions.

With Adwit technology, you are in charge of your site's potential.

Adwit lets webmasters manage optimization and display tools for high traffic sites. Adwit's features and campaign maximization algorithms automatically find the most profitable ads for each advertising space. You can also use In-text's powerful technology to create or enhance affiliate campaigns, or use your own bid manager to schedule campaigns for interested advertisers.

Adwit technology is multi-everything: "multi-site, multi-campaign, multi supports, multi-use. If you want to maximize your website, Adwit is what you need.
Make your site profitable

Make your ads pay

Webmasters need practical and dedicated solutions to streamline the tasks of implementing and optimizing websites. After extensively testing campaign management tools and optimization technologies on high traffic sites and networks, Adwit has the solution.

Adwit-express is a complete professional ad management solution. Don't be fooled by its ease of use and simplicity. It can manage most ad formats used on the market and optimize most displays, including those used by Google. Webmasters don't need extensive technology skills because installation is so simple. For webmasters, Adwit express is the simplest solution.

Webmasters face specific challenges: maximize income without overwhelming users with too many ads. With that in mind, we added In-Text to our media support tools. Webmasters can use In-Text to create non-intrusive pop up ad banners through text links and keywords, which target your site and maximize revenue.

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